Apr 12, 2012


My name is Chris Cloud and I’m a Creative Thinkdoer with a passion for connecting people and ideas. I make art, pizza camps, and dance parties and help others bring culture to life.

With over ten years of marketing experience at startups, advertising agencies, and nonprofit organizations, I am an accomplished multi-platform creative leader with an impressive digital background and experience leading teams that create custom content-driven campaigns across multiple channels (social, display, video, email, events).

I am a digital media maven and a rare combination of “thinker” and “do’er” paired with a strong aptitude for understanding of content strategy. To any team, I bring a unique blend of creative thinking, strategic and analytical skills and an understanding of brand strategy that makes a significant impact through smart, creative, and measurable content experiences.

I have a deep social media knowledge, combined with an elevated sense of humor, a business mind and a passion for clever content and crazy-fast growth. I am an expert advocate that lives in the world of art, storytelling, and “cool,” having a natural knack for both strategizing and developing timely, dynamic, interactive and engaging content in advance, as well as reacting on the fly to what is happening now.

I crave the chance to build something new at the epicenter of content, tech, and culture. The challenge of combining fresh insights, bold ideas, powerful strategy and emerging tech excites me. I am fluent in trends, lifestyles, and subcultures. I possess an unruly penchant for building brands and am endelessy energized by real-time storytelling and capitalizing on moments in culture to drive relevance and attention to brands.


In June 2009, I co-founded MPLS.TV, a Minneapolis based online video network produced by an independent Do-It-Together collective of videomakers and creatives.

In March 2010, I was awarded the Leland T. Lynch Award for Creativity. Later that year in Carmichael Lynch’s Creation Lab, I was the Chief Curator of the social initiative, 30 Days of Creativity, where people were encouraged to create stuff, anything, every day for 30 days.

In November 2011, I helped start a late 90’s/early 00’s dance party in Minneapolis called Forever Young. Since then we’ve produced and promoted over 20 different events including three Prom parties in First Avenue’s Mainroom.

In April 2012 at TEDxUMN, I gave a TEDtalk on collaboration and the power of Do-It-Together.

In October 2012, I help launched MPLSzine, a collaborative submissions-based digital publication.

In September 2014, I collaborated with Minneapolis Pizza Club to open a Pizza Camp, an overnight camp for pizza-loving adults featuring pizza meals alongside summercamp style programming and entertainment.

In July 2015, I gave a CreativeMornings lecture in Minneapolis on the Many Faces of Do-It-Together.

From February 2016 to May 2018, I was the Social Media and Community Manager at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis.

From August 2016 to May 2018, I served as an Adjunct Faculty member at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in their Arts Entrepreneurship program teaching “Creating and Running a Business.”

From May 2018 to April 2020, I was the first Director of Brand Marketing for Meow Wolf Creative Studios in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

My full resume and/or CV is available upon request.

Speaking Engagements, Lectures, & Workshops

Starting A Local Media Empire
The TV Show
The Power of Do-It-Together
The Creative Economy
Opportunities in Changing Industries
Alumni Career Experiences
Content Development in the Modern Age
Lesson on Leading Together
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Emerging Media Workshop
Mn Artists: Upload, Then What?
You Do You: Personal Branding
Creating/Running A Business
Sharing Your Stories by Social Media
The Many Faces of DIT
Keynote on Failing, Exploring, etc.
Telling Your Story on a Shoestring Budget
Taking Chances and Doing Weird Stuff
Keynote on Creating Opportunities
Visiting Artist Talk
Social Media & Museums
Design Impact Series Artist Conversation
Just F*cking Do It
On Being A Responsive Museum
Give & Take
Salon Saloon
St. Paul Bureau of Arts and Beverages
Giant Steps
University of Minnesota
McNally Smith College of Music
Minneapolis College Art & Design
Emerging Leaders Network
Giant Steps
Twin Cities Media Alliance
Walker Art Center
University of St. Thomas
Minneapolis College Art & Design
Twin Cities Media Alliance
CreativeMornings Minneapolis
Metropolitan Regional Arts Council
Minnesota Council of Nonprofits
Weisman Art Museum
Portland State University
University of Minnesota
Minneapolis Institute of Art
AIGA Design Conference
Museum Computer Network Conference

In The Media

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2010 “It’s not TV–It’s MPLS.TV” in the Line Magazine
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2017 “Creating and Running A Business” in MCAD’s NEXT Magazine

I am always open to new projects, collaborations, and opportunities. Connect with me.