Founded in 2009, MPLS.TV is a Minneapolis-centric video network that features both original and curated/submitted content. Through the video medium, we highlight and champion the unique cultures that make our city thrive.


    “You can find all sorts of hyper-local websites, but few have that you-never-know-what-you’re-going-to-find-here quality like MPLS.TV, a kind of underground booster group that celebrates the City of Lakes in ways the Chamber of Commerce never dreamed of.” -Minneapolis Star Tribune, March 2012

    “We’ll admit it, we’re actually a little jeally of MPLS.TV! They have so much creative energy, we often get sleepy just watching them. What started out as a web TV show a couple years ago has turned into a full force media entity, creating not just arts n’ culture-focused video content, but editorial content as well. But it doesn’t stop there: the MPLS.TV crew throws wicked parties, sponsors the coolest of the cool events, and has dipped their toes into national waters with online powerhouses like, where in collaboration with talented film director/editor Dan Huiting, they’ve moved their band-focused series, City of Music. Our advice? Follow them. MPLS.TV rocks social media, continually keeping their audience interested and engaged.”

    -l’etoile magazine, January 2012

    “A cooking show, featuring DJs and dancers, that teaches you how to make homemade chicken pot pie. A fashion show with more f-bombs than fashion. Videos of local bands playing clubs, dressing rooms, parties and rooftops. That’s just a small sampling of the sweeping video survey of Minneapolis arts and culture offered by MPLS.TV, an online creative collective start-up.”, April 2011

    “With it’s orginal music-, food-, arts-based content, MPLS.TV is everything the MTV’s of the world should be—with a local twist. The channel features “”City of Music,” a series of performances by local bands, hilarious recurring segments like “What the F**k Are You Wearing?” and, perhaps best of all, it acts as an open collective that thrives off talent and ideas from the community it serves.”

    -Metro Mag, February 2011

    “MPLS.TV isn’t just a group of people. It’s a teeming, swelling, swirling collective that gathers at all hours of the day and night to learn, share, create, and make something big. It’s inspiring, and you should know about it. Consider yourself warned.”

    -City Pages, December 2010